a French consortium to upgrade an underground line in the Austrian capital

Vienna’s underground system has five lines and is operated by Wiener Linien. This public transport operator has just awarded ENGIE Ineo (consortium leader) and Portalp the contract for continuation of modernisation work on its underground system. By 2024, line U5, the capital’s sixth underground line and first automatic one, will be fully operational. The French consortium will be responsible for supplying, installing and maintaining the platform screen doors for the new line, which will improve safety for Vienna’s inhabitants and tourists by improving traffic flow on a network that is used by 800 million passengers a year.

A customised solution for an upgraded underground system

In 2017, the Austrian capital launched a modernisation programme for its 80-kilometre network. To complete the programme, the five stations on line U5 will be fitted with a system of automatic platform doors (screen doors that cover the entire length of the platform) which offers many advantages including passenger comfort, safety and thermal insulation of facilities.


An entirely French consortium to modernise line U5

With its renowned expertise in the electrical engineering business, ENGIE Ineo decided in 2014 to join forces with Portalp, France’s leading supplier of automatic doors. The aim of this partnership was to offer a range of comprehensive solutions to meet forthcoming demand brought about by the increasing automation of underground lines in Europe’s largest cities.
From the design phase through to maintenance operations, the consortium will implement its screen door solutions, including safety instrumentation and control systems, power supply and production, at all line U5 stations. These solutions will be specially designed to meet the technical specificities of Vienna’s underground system.

First stations operational by summer 2021

The first tests will begin this summer, followed by the study and design phase which will be completed in 2020. The line’s first four stations will be operational by mid-2021. The remainder of line U5, which presents a significant technical challenge due to its location at the intersection of several other lines, will be completed by mid-2024. The consortium will be responsible for line maintenance for a period of 25 years.
Jean-Yves Hélias, director of Energy and Systems at ENGIE Ineo, says, “This project is a strategic opportunity for us. Our teams will live up to the challenge that Wiener Linien has entrusted to us by upgrading line U5 and enabling all passengers to enjoy a regular and safe underground service.”