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Jun 23th ENGIE Ineo @ENGIE_IneoFR
RT @Paris2024: Bienvenue et merci à @ENGIEgroup qui rejoint #Paris2024 comme "Partenaire Officiel" du Comité de candidature ! #VenezPartage…
Homepage - Innovations


Multi-technical expertise and constant attention to innovation enable ENGIE Ineo to provide overall solutions for energy efficiency and sustainable development

Taking up the challenges of the “City of the Future”…

Better energy consumption, more efficient transportation, faster communications, more fluid exchanges, anticipation and streamlined risk management – those are the qualities of the City of the Future.

With its innovative solutions and complementary skills, ENGIE Ineo works with its public and private customers for achieving energy savings, promoting sustainable transport, ensuring the safety and security of people and facilities, establishing high-performance communications infrastructures, developing the appeal of the regions, and energizing urban space and its infrastructures: health care, education, administration, industry, transportation, etc.

…ENGIE Ineo innovates every day by interconnecting all systems and networks that link the regions:

Multi-business urban platform

Dashboard and new services

Public lighting

Transportation and mobility

Risk management


Critical infrastructures and sensitive facilities

Smart Grids

Developing co-innovation with SMEs

Logo_Pacte_PMEAs a locally involved partner focused on innovation, in 2007 ENGIE Ineo quite naturally became a member of the “Pacte PME” [a French association for facilitating relations between SMEs and major accounts (public and private)]. Through that approach, ENGIE Ineo is developing innovative, win-win partnerships with some ten SMEs.

Moving to the era of the smart city

Find out about ENGIE Ineo’s urban platform… and run your city by connecting up your data!




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