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May 24th ENGIE Ineo @ENGIE_IneoFR
RT @EngieCareers: #ChezENGIE, on aime les gens créatifs ! Et vous, qu’allez-vous bien pouvoir inventer :) ? https://t.co/5hSEyTiLyG
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Whatever the sector (defense, transportation, health-care, etc.) or type of user (public authority, company, infrastructure operator, etc.), telecommunications represent a key technological challenge for information dissemination and exchange.  

Thanks to its innovation capacity and its state-of-the-art skills, ENGIE Ineo provides its customers with smart, efficient, and economical solutions for adapting to technological changes and new usage types. ENGIE Ineo operates throughout the value chain: audit, consulting, engineering (systems integration, convergence solutions), installation, commissioning, maintenance, and support/training.

FTTH network

Deployment of an FTTH network in St Priest


Deployment of the Haute-Marne Numérique digital network


Implementation of a network of remote satellite VHF stations in Africa

… ENGIE Ineo designs and implements innovative, efficient solutions:

Digital development of the regions

High- and very-high-speed networks, FTTX, communications systems, collaborative solutions (e-mail systems, web conferencing, etc.), installation and integration of specific solutions for public authorities, health institutions, and universities, etc.

High availability of facilities and systems

Development of open-source IT solutions, cost rationalization and support for migrating networks to IP infrastructures, installation and integration of access networks, transmission networks, etc.

Development of outreach services

Deployment of fixed and mobile networks, cable and fiber optics, installation and implementation of passive and active infrastructures and of transmission equipment, specific skills for “last mile” connectivity, etc.

Ensuring the security of public and private exchanges

Protection of critical infrastructures, installation and integration of data transportation and storage solutions, data centers, cloud computing, network architecture, supervision, access control, LAN and MAN networks, system maintenance and operation, etc.


Key figures
  • 20 French departments equipped in high-speed connections by ENGIE Ineo
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