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Jun 23th ENGIE Ineo @ENGIE_IneoFR
RT @Paris2024: Bienvenue et merci à @ENGIEgroup qui rejoint #Paris2024 comme "Partenaire Officiel" du Comité de candidature ! #VenezPartage…
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Reliability and continuity of supply, rationalization of processes, improvement in energy efficiency, and sustainability of installations are central to the solutions developed by ENGIE Ineo for industrial facilities.

For streamlined industrial facilities…

Arkema’s Jarrie facility

(Isère department, France)
Rationalization of the industrial process

Multi-technical maintenance

for the French Atomic Energy Commission in Barp (Gironde department)

Ciments Calcia’s Arvault

production facility
Industrial process rationalization and monitoring

… ENGIE Ineo develops multi-energy, multi-technical solutions for energy performance at industrial facilities

Production and rationalization of electrical installations

Electrical installation (high currents/low currents), lighting, distribution, technical management of buildings, industrial maintenance, etc.

Rationalization of industrial and environmental processes

Automation, control centers, instrumentation, revamping, etc.

Deployment of communications systems

Telephony, information systems, IT networks, data centers, etc.

Improvement in energy efficiency

Supervision, hypervision, energy management, smart grids, etc.

Making property and people safe

Security (access control, video surveillance, etc.), call centers, fire protection, lightning protection, etc.

Audits and implementation of high energy-performance solutions for each type of industrial facility

Chemicals / pharmacy, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, steel and metal working, logistics, textiles, manufacturing, aeronautics, oil/natural gas, the environment, electronics, food processing.



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