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Jun 23th ENGIE Ineo @ENGIE_IneoFR
RT @Paris2024: Bienvenue et merci à @ENGIEgroup qui rejoint #Paris2024 comme "Partenaire Officiel" du Comité de candidature ! #VenezPartage…
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Cities & Regions

Within the framework of urban planning and development, local and regional authorities are facing challenges that go beyond living conditions: more efficient transportation, faster communications, more fluid exchanges, etc.

Cities that are more pleasant to live in

Through innovative, synergy-based solutions for saving energy, promoting sustainable transportation, ensuring the security and safety of public areas, and developing communications infrastructures, ENGIE Ineo works alongside cities and regions on their sustainable urban development projects.

As a close partner of local and regional authorities, ENGIE Ineo vitalizes urban areas and their infrastructures, particularly in the fields of health care, education, administration and transportation.

Through its mastery of technologies, ENGIE Ineo takes up the challenges of the City of the Future by interconnecting all the systems and networks that crisscross the city:

Improving energy efficiency in cities

Energy efficiency improvements in buildings and external infrastructures, efficient lighting plans, energy management, smart grids, renewable energy development, etc.

Making cities accessible and fluid

Sustainable mobility, traffic management, parking management, carpooling, intermodal transportation, real-time information, accessibility for people with reduced mobility, etc.

Making cities safer

Video protection, supervision, access control, management of major risks, ensuring safety on roads and urban public transportation, etc.

Making cities more appealing

Public lighting, light shows on cultural heritage buildings, dissemination of cultural services (museography), etc.

For digital, connected cities

Deploying very high-speed wired networks, information and communication systems, e-healthcare solutions, etc.

Customized support according to the needs of municipalities

With its experience over the long term in implementing various types of specific contracts (such as public service delegation, public-private partnerships, and energy-performance contracts), ENGIE Ineo provides advice to local and regional authorities according to the size and nature of their projects and works with them right down to the funding of their urban planning and development projects.



Key figures
  • 30% average reduction in the energy bills of municipalities supported by ENGIE Ineo
  • 55 urban transportation networks
  • 450 municipalities with video protection provided by ENGIE Ineo
  • 600,000 lights managed by ENGIE Ineo
  • 20 French departments with ENGIE Ineo HD equipment
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